Department of Postgraduate Studies and Quality Assurance

Graduate studies offer a opportunities to students to pursue extended research (a requirement for a career in academia), qualify for high-level professions or enter the world of work at a higher position and better salary than undergraduates. With more and more people completing tertiary study each year, competition for graduate employment is increasingly tough, so a postgraduate qualification could make all the differences to prospective employers. Due to the nature of competition that only the fittest organizations are destined to survive, they are constantly testing new approaches, new procedures, new processes, and new ways of doing business. The postgraduates programmes aim to provide you with rigorous, in-depth and advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop your career, managerial practices as well as your organization to its fullest potential in the shortest time. The Graduate Studies Division in FBM aims to produce graduates who are skillful to manage and lead in businesses and organisations of all sizes. Working adults who have been exposed to a range of management experiences and decision-making skills will find the programme particularly useful, as it will enable them to handle the managerial demands of modern business practices professionally. In addition, students will have a chance to make contacts and establish network with experts in their field.


Asst. Prof.

Dr. Lee Huah

Head, Dept. of Postgraduate Studies and Quality Assurance

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business & Management

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