Student Residence

The Student Residence was built in 2001. The student residence is located on the campus, opposite the main building.


There are four blocks of student residences. Each block consists of five floors. Female students are separated from male students. Sixty rooms are available where three students share a room. Basic amenities are clean and well-maintained.


Students living on campus are expected to experience happy and harmonious life through their stay and, at the same time, develop self-discipline.

Campus Amenities

Tennis Court

Two Volleyball Court

Two Basketball Court

Football Court


Outdoor Stage

Sports Facilities


Computer Centre

Modern Language Centre

Southern New Media Centre


Academic Research Institute


Student Activity Centre

Convenience Shop


TCM Outpatient Centre

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Public Amenities

Free Internet Service

24-Hour Security

Free Equipment Maintenance Service

Cold/Hot Water Dispenser

One Hall for each Hostel

Washrooms on each Floor

Self-Service Washing Machine

Clothes Balcony

Air-Conditioned Study Room

Public Room

Dining Area

Parking Area

Room Facilities

Bed Frame


Book Rack

Desk and Chair


Basin and Mirror

Network Hub


International Education Building

Types of Rooms

Twin Sharing

Trio Sharing

The 10 Reasons of Living in the Student Residence

1. On campus - No traffic jam and save time.

2. Safe – There is 24/7 security guards on duty.

3. Cost-efficient – The utility fees, rental fees, internet charges, and maintenance fees are inclusive of the rent.

4. Comfortable – Our student residence provide a near-to-home living environment and is equipped with 24-hour Internet services, television, water heater, and other facilities.

5. Convenient – Study room, recreational facilities and cafeteria are within walking range.

6. Supportive – Residential advisors are employed to assist hostel residents, and to build a better living and learning environment.

7. Time-saving – Convenience shop and photocopy shop are available for students' convenience.

8. Socialising – Have chance to live with other residents from different backgrounds, creating a more conducive environment for discussion.

9. Chances – By actively participating in learning activities, hostel residents will have better chances to add value to themselves.

10. Experience – Gain interpersonal communication skills, which will help them students to face challenges in the future with more confidence.

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