Congratulations on your graduation! Please be informed that you are cordially invited to attend the Convocation Ceremony. In order to fulfill the CMCO’s SOP, the 30th Convocation will be held in four (4) sessions*.

*Subject to change


Step 1: Online registration for attendance of convocation

All graduates are required to complete the online attendance form:

 • Visit Southern UC’s website

 • Login to G-Form


Category 30th Convocation (2021)


Deadline 31 December 2021 (Fri)


 • Complete the form

 • Southern UC Alumni Surveys



Graduation Message for Convocation Ceremony

Graduands can dedicate ONE short message to their parents/friends/lecturers during the convocation ceremony. The message will be displayed on the screen while you are on the stage to receive your scroll. We encourage all graduands to write a message to express their appreciation to their parents/friends/lecturers.



(1) Southern UC reserves the right to edit the messages, reject any indecent messages and not to display the messages without further notice.

(2) Late submission of message will not be accepted.


Southern UC Graduation Survey

All graduands are required to complete the simple surveys

SOPs of the Convocation Ceremony:

1) Please place the Car Entry Pass on the dashboard of the driver's seat upon entering Southern UC campus on the day of the convocation.


2) All attendees are required to check in MySejahtera, scan temperature and hand sanitise before entering MPH.

    • Graduands’ checking point is at the IEB lobby.

    • Parents and guardians checking point (including checking of the vaccination status or the self-test result) at the MPH entrance.


3) Please maintain a 1-metre social distance at all times when you are on campus.


4) You must wear a mask throughout the entire ceremony.


5) Please follow your programme and attend the session accordingly.


6) Only limited to 3 persons including the graduand are allowed to attend this 30th Southern UC Convocation Ceremony.




1. If you have been fully vaccinated, you will be allowed entry into the hall.

2. If you have not been fully vaccinated, you are required to perform COVID-19 self-test then update the results  one day before the convocation ceremony.  Self-test results will be allowed entry if you have been tested  COVID-19 NEGATIVE.

2.1 How to report your COVID-19 self-test results through the MySejahtera app

2.2 Or use COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit of a specified brand (NEWGENE) and scan the QR code on   the box to upload the test results and get an e- certificate.

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