Southern New Media Centre

As the main media platform of Southern University College, Southern New Media Center upholds to the three service concepts of "humanities, rationality and innovation". As of 2020, the service scope of the center includes:

-Planning, editing and publishing the university journal "Southern Today".

-Planning and executing all affairs of Southern TV.

-Assist in the management and maintenance of the official website and Facebook content of the Southern UC.

-Filming and immediately publishing activity reports on major events in the campus.

-Assist in the design and production of various Southern UC publicity materials.

-Take work photos of all faculty and staff in Southern UC.

Objectives and Characteristics of the Centre

The objectives of New Media Centre are:


- As a major news media platforms, including printed and digital media.

- To promote the images of University through the enhancement of media and publicity.

- To provide a multimedia platform for students to learn and share their products.

The New Media Centre acts as an important media platform with three main principles on "Humanity, rational and innovative", to provide latest information inside and outside of the campus.  The centre is not only a media platform, but also a comprehensive learning and working space for students. In collaboration with external media resources, the new media centre provides high quality and competitive environment to enhance the impact and strength of students in new media field.






Media Platforms

Southern TV

Southern Today

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