Faculty of Art & Design

The Faculty of Art & Design offers three Diploma Programmes, namely Industrial Design, Advertising Design and Multimedia Design. The two Bachelor Degree programmes are Industrial Design and Computer Graphic Design.


All programmes consist of multi-dimensional modules that provide not only strong design foundation, but also a channel for students to exercise their latent creativity and develop innovative ideas. Other than the usual lectures, the learning process at the Faculty involves individual and group projects, practical training, and research projects.



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Asst. Prof. Ts.

Teo Pei Kian

Dean of Faculty

Faculty of Art & Design

Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial Design

Dean’s Message

Design is so prominent nowadays as societies around the world are challenged by visual culture across a wide range of media. Faculty of Art & Design (FAD) ensures students are taught up-to-date creative development and, and they study original work of famous designers.  At FAD, you are welcome to be part of a warm, tight-knit community that supports your creative dream. We offer an inspiring and collaborative environment to maximize your knowledge and skills. At the same time, we develop students' artistic skiils as well as their critical understanding of art and design.

Students' Artwork

After Dusk

Lew Shan Hong (DMD)

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Chai Her Hui (BGD)

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Wong Pei San (DVA)

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Saw Hui Xin (ADV)

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